Protocols Of Treatment Programs

CiONE Postural Pyramid

The three cornerstones of the CiONE methodology are best illustrated by our Wellness Pyramid.

The feet, the body and the proprioception in the brain are the focus for the body’s correct posture. 

These are the essential ingredients for eradicating postural pain and creating postural rejuvenation at any age.

The CiONE Wellness Pyramid is a metaphor for an individual attaining the Perfect Postural Point which then enables them to perform at their best.

CiONE postural pyramid
Treatment Program Levels

Specialist Programs

Complex Pelvic Pain (Level 2, 3 or 4)

CiONE pioneers ‘unique’, ‘non-invasive’ programs, tailored/customized to each and every individual patient.

The Programs are designed to minimize and (more often than not) eradicate Pelvic Pain, (no matter what ‘guise’ the pain comes in, be it Pudendal Neuralgia, Vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis, IBS etc.) – that is brought on by internal intrinsic ‘spasms’ and ‘skeletal dysfunctions’.

Statistically, over 60% of the adult population suffer from some form of skeletal dysfunction and a high percentage of this skeletal dysfunction brings on a myriad of pelvic conditions which in turn brings on debilitating pain.

CiONE utilizes its ‘unique’ BiOPelvic Neuro-dynamics programs of skeletal realignment and recalibration, alongside the ancient treatment therapy of Amatsu’ to enable the skeletal structure to ‘reset’ and improve the ‘day to day’ quality of life of each patient.

Complex pelic areas with nerves

Chronic Sciatic & Back Pain (Level 2 or 3)

CiONE has spent years designing specific and unique BiOCORE and BiOPilates ‘rehabilitation’ programs to stabilize the Pelvis and immediately correct the skeletal dysfunction that brings on this dynamic chronic pain – be it Sciatica or lower lumbar pain.

It is the combination of the Human Engineering principles and the ancient Amatsu therapy techniques that release the impingements of the Sciatic, Cluneal and Femoral nerves that bring on such pain.

Upper back pain treatment

Chronic Migraines & Cluster Headache Pain (Level 2 or 3)

CiONE has developed specialist “BiOfascial’ release techniques utilizing the combination of modern and ancient ‘principles of care’ to unravel the internal tensions and the restrictions that bring on debilitating headaches.

Treatment for headaches

General Posture Pain (Level 1, 2 or 3)

All of our patients undergo an initial assessment which takes 60-90 minutes. This comprises of a full medical history review and
biomechanical assessment.

We discuss and assess the journey of the skeletal structure, how it has grown and developed throughout the ossification process and how activities, traumas and accidents during the patient’s life time have affected the skeleton.

The patient’s Dynamic Gait is also analysed on a treadmill and the negative weight load during stance is observed to determine how the skeletal structure is dysfunctioning both dynamically and statically.

The posture is then assessed and explained, giving the patient clarity on why any issues and ailments are happening and what is the best possible course of action to be taken.

This treatment recommendation might include one of the four levels of Treatment Programme outlined below and/or include other treatments or an integrated treatment and exercise programme.

Sensory system lines

The Origins of Pain

Elite Performance Pain (Level 3 or 4)

CiONE started out over 25 years ago in ‘Elite’ Sport and continues to help International ‘elite’ and ‘up and coming’ athletes – across a myriad of sports eradicate pain and improving performance.

This ‘Sport Specific’ approach of ‘diagnostic analysis’ is utilized, alongside the CiONE therapy techniques listed above – with the focus on “maximizing” athletic potential, through releasing intrinsic tensions and spasms, while at the same time creating skeletal balance, dynamic stability and efficient Gait.

Tim King 1500metres

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