Are You Suffering From Lower Back Pain?

Does it impact your quality of life?
Does it stop you having an active and sporting life?


Poor posture can cause lower back pain and inflammation through an excessively tilted pelvis.

The pain in the lower back will regularly radiate into the legs, feet or up into the upper torso, neck and shoulders and may include tingling, weakness or numbness in all these areas, indicating inflamed or impingement to the nerves.

Lower back pain treatment

Try The CiONE Postural Programs

The CiONE Postural Programs focuses on realigning the pelvis and minimising pressure on the spine helping the skeletal structure have the correct posture.

This enables the body to relax and recover deeper during rest time – which in turn through the reduction of the day-to-day irritation and inflammation of the lower back gradually eradicates the postural pain.

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