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BiOPilates is a fusion of the CiONE ‘BiOCORE’ principles (re; postural health) and the traditional principles of Joseph Pilates…

BiOCORE was named by the founders of CiONE as a combination of their 3 passions – Thai Chi Chuan – (slow precision movement), Yoga – (controlled breathing techniques) and Pilates – (isolation of targeted muscle groups) – the 3 principles of ‘deep’, Pelvic stability during dynamic movement.

Pilates, named after Joseph Pilates, is a body conditioning method based on the combining of a ‘body and mind’ focus during exercise – which helps in improving, flexibility, strength and the transformation of the way a person’s body feels, looks and performs.

It is a ‘mind-body’ intervention that focuses on strength, core stability, flexibility, muscle control, skeletal alignment and breathing.

Many people participate in a Pilates program follow the ‘KEY’ criteria; Concentration, Control, Engagement, Precision, Breath and Flow.

The above 6 Principles of the Integrative ‘Mind-Body-Spirit’ approach of Joseph Pilates ensures CiONE’s ‘BiOPilates’ ‘fusion’ of Pilates and BiOCORE – is the perfect partnership for maintaining the bodies long-term Postural Rejuvenation.

Turn your BiOCORE stability into a BiOPILATES philosophy!

1. Improve your core stability

2. Spinal mobility and body balance

3. Function and efficiency in motion

4. Mind and body connection

5. Flexibility and muscle strength

6. Tone and elongate muscles


We currently offer BiOPILATES group classes at both intermediate and beginner level. All classes have a maximum size of 8 participants in order to maintain the quality of the class and to ensure that participants are doing all of the movements technically correct.

We also offer 1 on 1 classes for those who would feel more comfortable on their own or for those who want a more tailored and focussed programme.

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BiOPILATES – Protocols for Postural Rejuvenation


BiOPilates improves flexibility and conditioning, which is the ability of joints to move through their full range of motion, with the BiOCORE engaged at all times. Factors that influence flexibility are joint structure, age, gender, connective tissue, muscle bulk, proprioceptors, the presence of injury and the internal environment (health and effects of exercise). READ MORE

Proprioception/Sensory Awareness

A patient’s ability to process sensory information, affects motor control and movement patterns. Ultimately, efficient movement through increasing the BiOCORE stability and toning, increases a patient’s engagement in activity and social interaction. READ MORE

Vestibular (Proprioception) Balance

The vestibular system works in harmony with the auditory and visual systems; affecting both balance and awareness of the bodies position in space.

The BiOPilates stabilising/strengthening, improves movement and balance, which in turn helps auditory/language processing, muscle tone, bilateral integration, motor planning, emotional security, gravitational security and visual spatial perception which are all influenced by the vestibular system. READ MORE

Dynamic Balance & Timing Of Movement

The proprioception system processes information for spatial orientation, body position and timing of movements. The strengthening of the BiOCORE through BiOPilates, helps the proprioception in determining how much muscle force is exerted and how much the muscle stretches with active movement, primarily extensor movement. READ MORE

Sensory System When Moving

The tactile system functions, are both protective and discriminative. The stimulation comes from touch on the surface of the skin; light touch stimulates a protective response, deep pressure provides a discriminative response. READ MORE

Efficiency Of Movement (Rhythm)

Rhythm while moving dynamically – simply defined as “the regular recurrence of an action or functions” – adds smoothness and efficiency to movement. READ MORE

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