A women was repeatedly told there was no cure for her pelvic pain which made alcohol feel like the only hope to ease the pain.

CiONE Wellness Centre became the saviour of her struggles as they were able to put an end to her suffering that she had lived with since her early twenties.

Doctors and Medics repeatedly told her there was no cure for her pain. She said “I had a burning/ stabbing/ broken glass type of pain in my vagina and urethra. My bladder was heavy and irritated by most foods and drink.”

The client first went to Maria Elliot who then in turn after her own assessment, referred her on to the CiONE clinic, where she met Tim King founder of the CiONE wellness Centre.

“It was incredible, I remember when I first met Tim King, he just listened to me and I felt a sense of relief and was able to discuss my issues freely with no judgement or embarrassment, someone had finally given me a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Sex was completely off the menu and sitting down became more and more uncomfortable, her life had become stagnant and somewhat unbearable.

Tim King explained ‘on analysis, after the detailed Biomechanical Assessment and noting down the patients Postural Journey from child hood to present day… it became very apparent that the patient, had been walking ‘Plantar flexed’, with an aggressive ‘anterior tilt’, ‘dynamic torsional twist’, and a dynamic ‘false’ leg length discrepancy, since childhood.

Medics and Doctors treat the symptoms mainly, while at CiONE Wellness Centre they look for the “cause” that instigated the “issue”, particularly allowing the patient to have time to explain her past, helps to understand certain triggers that may have caused such ‘acute’ and indescribable pain.

CiONE Wellness Centre honed-in on her trauma from the past, to examine whether this had affected the pelvis shifting negatively.

Tim King stated he diagnosed an intrinsic ‘Myo-facial” spasm which is instigated by the firing of the ‘Vagus’ nerve; creating tensions within the connective tissues intrinsically, to protect the body, (guarding) at the point of imminent impact, by stimulating a ‘flight’ or ‘freeze’ reaction to the ‘trauma’. The Piriformis and the Gluteus Medius were in this case in a multiple Myofascial spasm.’

The release technique – known as a “BiOfascial Release” instantly freed up the gait and nerve impingements dramatically. “The Amatsu (BiOfascial release) was incredibly painful… but the results are amazing.” The client’s pain was instantaneously releases after just 3 seconds of the deep release.

Posture pressure
“It’s never going to be a nice experience but after the muscles have been released some really nasty muscle spasms’ in my legs. Though the technique was ‘extreme’ I took comfort in the knowledge that it will never be that bad again.”

The CiONE Wellness Centre team have created a BIOCORE program which helps bring back the pelvic floor into the correct alignment. In this particular case only 3 – 5 exercises are needed.

Tim king states, “The BiOCORE Program is the essential ingredient for maintaining the stability of the Pelvis and needs to be taken on board daily as a ‘health’ exercise and not as a ‘fitness’ exercise.”

The BIOCORE stabilizes the pelvis and allows the body to start functioning efficiently. The central ‘sensitization’ becomes under control and the patient can make a full recovery.

The patient said “‘The way my pelvis was positioned was affecting my overall posture and was the main reason for my pain, once it was realigned everyday life became easier and somewhat normal at long last.”

“‘The pain disappeared once the Coccyx bone, Sacroiliac and Pelvic Girdle was re-aligned, it was the final part of the jigsaw… just miraculous.”

CiONE Wellness Centre found that releasing the Gemellus Inferior and Superior, while putting a small amount of ‘internal’ pressure on the tip of the Coccyx (non-invasive) is enough for the tail bone to realign quickly and effortlessly without trauma or discomfort.

“The procedure was quick and lasted about 3 minutes, easy and painless and Tim at all times ensured that I was comfortable and aware of exactly what was happening.”

The patient’s life has completely changed, from entering a state of turmoil and depression, CiONE has brought her out of the darkness and have given her hope.

“The Harley Street Clinic has always treated me with great respect & dignity. Supported me both mentally and physically. As a percentage so far (12 months) I would say CiONE has eliminated 70% of my day to day pain & I will continue my journey with CiONE until full recovery.”

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