Pudendal nerve pain is described as burning, stabbing or shooting pain that is directly in the genital area. The pain gets increasingly worse when exercise in endured or even just the basics of sitting or squatting.

A male patient approached CiONE Wellness Centre after suffering with severe pain for 10 years.

CiONE has created a sequence of exercises to shift the pelvis into the correct position in order to take the pressure off the impinging nerves as well as the genital area. CiONE’s bio-fascial release unravels the internal spasms allowing the pelvis to relax.

The client says “I do it religiously every day, and at the start I did it twice a day, its hard work, but the gain you get out of it in the long term is amazing”.

“My nerve pain had been reduced massively from the BiO-CORE yet I still had muscles spasms, the ‘BiOFascial’ release was amazing as it helped me understand where the pain was coming from, the release immediately put me at ease”

“The BiOFascial release, is used to ease trigger points within the muscle’s fascia, it’s three seconds of intense pain, which can give a lifetime of no pain.”

“The BiOFascial release takes away long-term pain that is debilitating and causes a lot of stress and anxiety. Three seconds is nothing compared to a lifetime of pain.”

Pudendal nerve pain
Posture pressure
CiONE focused on the posture and alignment of the client in order for him to walk efficiently, whilst also taking the pressure off the ‘Pelvic Floor’ enabling the body to become functional.

“Tim made me understand why my posture was so important in order to help ease my pain in my pelvis. Physios in the past have told me to stand better but I never properly understood until coming to CiONE.”

“My life now has finally come back to normality, I can function, I can work, I can travel. It’s amazing how sitting became so hard for me at that time and now I take it for granted, I’m just so grateful I found CiONE.”

CiONE’s BiOFascial release and BiOCORE has helped this patient find himself once again, and has changed his life, he can now finally do normal functioning things that he couldn’t even consider before he found CiONE wellness Centre.

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Male pelvic pain treatment