Following a diving decompression injury, a female patient had severe neurological pain, predominantly in the pelvis, making “day to day” aspects of life extremely difficult to manage.

The client was paralyzed from the waist down, she couldn’t walk or move.

Her body was dysfunctional, she felt like a “lost cause in the NHS as they hadn’t seen anything like it before and I kind of felt written off.” She contact Tim King at CiONE Wellness Centre and started a recovery programme.

The patients mother exclaimed, “it was the first time my daughter has been given a sense of hope, her life could reach some form of normality again. It was truly overwhelming and a miracle as she was in such a dark place, and CiONE gave us and my family a reason to persevere.’

The diving accident left the client feeling incapable of living a normal and prosperous life, CiONE gave her the hope and courage to keep fighting. The impact of the diving accident had compressed and shifted her pelvis putting an immense amount of pressure onto the bladder, which made it uncomfortable to even just go to the toilet.

Tim King gave her daily exercises known as the BIOCORE to move the pelvis back into the correct place in order to ease the pressure that was building up on the bladder.

The CiONE Wellness Centre team made custom Stability plates, to align her Pelvis and skeletal structure in order to help her to walk again.

She exclaimed,“at first it was odd, but my limp that I came in with eased dramatically, the results from walking with the correct alignment were dramatically life changing’.

Tim King is known for his “releases” that simply make the pain disappear. In this severe case, the patient needed to have a Bio-fascial release, which Tim explains; ‘The Amatsu techniques are gentle and ‘non-evasive’, relaxing the Glut Maximus within 3-5 minutes. Once the Gluteus Maximus is in a “relaxed state” – the BiOFascial technique of ‘triggering’ can be used.’

The patient claimed ‘it was like all the bricks that had been put on top of me – had just been lifted and taken away. Every day, before the release, it felt like I had run a marathon the day before, I really didn’t think there was a anything out there that could help that’


Pelvic pressure with severe pain

CiONE Wellness Centre solved this patient’s problems by not focusing on the symptoms only but the direct cause, as well as looking at other problems such as the psychological effects of the trauma on the body as well as the mind.

“Tim was the first specialist who had just listened and looked at all the things that I felt were wrong, he never discarded anything even things that I was told were just simply in my head.”

The BiOFascial release is three intense seconds of intense pain yet, compared to the pain this patient was suffering on a day to day basis – the pain was somewhat comforting, she claimed “it was a good pain, I think I was already in so much pain that three seconds of pain felt like nothing if it meant I’d get my life back!’.

The patients mother holding, back the tears exclaimed, “it was the hope we needed to get my daughter back and CiONE did just that.”

“My time here has been life changing and it has mentally and physically enabled me to become myself again, even when I thought I was lost, he gave me hope and reassured me that I wasn’t alone and he would fix it.”

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Female pelvic pain treatment