One patient in particular has a moving story as a single virus changed her life.

The patient had a severe virus which caused an imbalance in her proprioception which made her lose her balance and sense of surroundings. Following this virus, she became very unstable and somewhat disorientated, she found herself getting confused and lost control of her stability regularly. In just the space of a few weeks she fell four times, her injuries from this fall became severe to the point where she struggled to move and walk due to the intensity of pain.
“Falling not only puts an immense amount of pressure on your bones and muscles structures but from the impact vertebras and bones can nudge leaving your body to be functioning out of kilter. Your body tries to maximise the instability however, the misalignment can trigger pounding headaches” comments lead Consultant Tim King.

These headaches stuck with the patient for three years until she met the CiONE team.

One of the severe falls left the patient confined to the bed, she was unable to move or get up and she couldn’t walk. She states,

‘I felt paralysed from my head all the way down to my feet, it was like I had a stroke, all of one side of my body was paralysed, I couldn’t get up out of bed I was stuck’.

The client went to many professionals, at first, they could not find the problem as she kept screaming ‘it was the pain in my brain, the pain was agony’ yet the pain was being triggered to the brain from the misalignment that had become out of kilter from the fall.

Medics diagnosed her with a ‘CAM’ impingement in the hip, this is when the ball of the hip joint has an abnormal bony protrusion or bump. During hip movements flexion and internal rotation causes the femoral head to grind against the acetabulum damaging the cartilage and labrum which causes severe pain.

She underwent surgery which triggered a ‘uterine prolapse’, which is where the uterus descends into or outside the vaginal canal. The patient then underwent more surgery to fix her prolapse she exclaimed;

‘From this I had to have surgery to correct what was happening inside my body, I was in absolute agony just moving my leg made me feel sick and made me pass out. I wanted to be dead’.

She then miraculously became discharged but moving was still near to impossible and that is when she found CiONE through Maria Elliot.

She said; ‘From the surgery I became disabled and bed ridden I couldn’t move and quite frankly I had given up, my headache was a continuous pounding’.

The assessment at CiONE wellness centre:
‘it was amazing, the minute you started treating me it lifted the pain I was feeling in my brain that I had had for three years’

Surgery had dealt with the impact of the fall and management of the ‘CAM’ impingement yet it had not gotten rid of the headaches, even after MRI scans of the brain there was no diagnosis that explained the agony of the brain.

The ‘Bio Fascial release’:

The repercussions of the surgery made sitting and standing near to impossible all she could do was helplessly lay. The Bio-Fascial release was a miraculous moment whereby her physical movement was recuperated and she could once again stand with far less pain.

She states: ‘The minute I was released it helped me to sit and stand, which before the release was near to impossible due to my nervous system’.

The Bio Fascial release was a significant moment for the patient as for the first time her head was cleared, she had been living with Brain Fog and agony due to the misalignment of the body and once the fascia was manipulated and released, the head was cleared and the headaches surpassed.

She emotionally said; ‘From the release my whole head and balance completely changed, it changed the pain, I was feeling huge pain and it gave me back my peace.’

The CiONE team used the Japanese Amatsu technique in order to relax the muscles surrounding the fascia, this cleared her head space and allowed her proprioception to come back, ‘I felt human once again’

The client never thought she would walk again, she stated the team supported her through thick and thin and helped her through her trauma.

She emotionally concluded; People told me you will not walk again, you will be in a wheel chair for the rest of your life, CiONE changed this’.