Tinnitus awareness week (this February) is about making people aware of a condition that is becoming more prominent in present ‘day to day’ life.

There are many causes of Tinnitus and commonly it is accepted that Tinnitus is mainly caused by an underlying condition, such as age-related hearing loss, an ear injury or a problem with the circulatory system.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus (pronounced tin-it-us) affects about 13% of the UK population (or 1 in 8). It’s commonly caused by hearing loss, or an ear injury sometimes caused by suffering continual loud sounds. Tinnitus is often described as “ringing in the ears”, and this is indeed a symptom of tinnitus and it’s a result of your brain trying to compensate for the loss of hair cells in your ear. The common sounds that only the patient will hear with Tinnitis, are as follows:

  • Hissing
  • Buzzing
  • Whistling
  • Roaring

People with Tinnitus can also experience hearing loss. In fact, about 80% of people who suffer from Tinnitus will have some degree of hearing loss. However, over the past 25 years CiONE Postural Rejuvenation in Harley Street, London and in Loughborough in the Midlands; has been finding that patients who have become stressed or anxious over an extended period, can suddenly suffer from the condition without any of the normal ‘trigger’s’.

The consensus being that ‘emotional’ or ‘physical’ trauma can affect the neurology of the body, creating a “somatic reflex”, which in turn brings on a release of “microscopic oedema” (Paniculosis) into the body’s fascia; which in the case of Tinnitus, gathers around the ear drum, creating pressure and blockages creating the inner ear sounds.

What is Paniculosis?

When the body is involved in a traumatic event, natural chemicals are made available within our bodies to help us deal with the trauma of the experience, such as an adrenalin or an Opiate release. But often the body becomes overwhelmed – “in a state of shock” – and the ‘natural chemicals’, that should be there to help us manage the trauma become frozen and stuck, which can then result in a build-up of ‘water retention’ or ‘microscopic oedema’ (Paniculosis), within the fascia and interstellar structure of the connective tissues within the body. Paniculosis is a build-up of water retention and debris in the fascia and if it builds to a large congealed mass, (which is too big for the CiONE procedures), then ultimately it will have to be surgically removed.

Paniculosis Case Study

The Case Study (see images) is of a patient, with the build-up of the swelling over a 10 – 15 year period following a trauma to his neck; before he realised the microscopic oedema had become a large mass and had become visible. Although he had suffered from Tinnitus for a long time, on and off during this period, post the neck trauma.

It was only during the latter stages that the symptoms of “Tinnitus” suddenly became an “unbearable” issue, which then brought him into the CiONE clinic in Harley Street, London. The decision – after assessing the patient – was that the build-up had got to an extreme level and therefore the way forward in this “rare” case was to remove the “Paniculosis” surgically. The congealed mass was removed and was 6cm long by 2cm wide, running along his cervical vertebra (neck) and into the back of his ear.

Surgery to remove paniculosis
Paniculosis fluid

We have found in CiONE over the years that the build-up of the “Paniculosis” over a long period of time, (while the body is being held in a state of ‘anxiety’ and ‘freeze’ as a result of the Trauma), builds up and then “slowly” starts to shut the body down from dynamic function. In the case of the “Tinnitus” symptoms, the build-up intensifies the pressure at the top of the cervical vertebrae around the ear drum and jaw, bringing on the symptoms of internal irritation and sounds, alongside an unpleasant TMJ discomfort.

Therefore, if Tinnitus is treated early in its infancy with the Biomechanics and ancient Amatsu techniques – surgery is never needed and the symptoms become manageable and in a lot of cases eradicated.

What is trauma?

Some patients who have suffered “Trauma”, will experience symptoms that continue and the normal therapy available does not work. Whether the traumatic event was something global like war or a natural disaster (tsunami, earthquake); or something closer to home such as a car accident, sexual or physical assault/abuse, severe illness or injury (including surgery), emotional trauma, or childhood neglect/abandonment; or as simple as an elite athlete over training, essentially the body reacts to all these different “Trauma’s” in exactly the same way. Sometimes symptoms can be created by innocuous or trivial incidents – such as medical and dental procedures, for example, or ‘minor’ falls, watching a horror movie, sudden loud noises, and even the stress of birth.

In essence, “Trauma” does not have to have stemmed from a major catastrophe. It is these moments of “Trauma” that create “negative symptoms” in the body – which are not always caused by the event itself, but can be caused by the body’s reaction to the “Trauma”, through the body’s own “guarding” and natural chemical release. In these situations the neurological reaction to the aftermath of the “Trauma” usually results in a build-up of water retention, that occurs as the brain puts the body into “guarding”; creating nerve impingements within the fascia through the build-up of paniculosis, preventing the body from functioning by creating pain which in turn puts the body into a “Somatic Reflex” ie; the nervous system “holding the body and mind” in a frozen state of inner anxiety and angst, creating havoc on our bodies and mental health. Biomechanics and ancient Amatsu techniques reduce the “noise” and eradicate the build-up of the Paniculosis.

Firstly, we focus on the skeletal realignment and the releasing of the intrinsic Myofascial spasms that create the inner tensions and then secondly, utilising the ancient Amatsu techniques, to break down and “drain away” the build-up of the “paniculosis” within the area of the body that’s being affected post trauma.

(see CiONE BiOFascial Release/Amatsu Therapy)